What you wear can do wonders for your self-esteem, confidence and mindset. It can set your mood for the day and express how you are feeling. But when it comes to actually choosing what to wear, it can be challenging at times. If you are feeling stuck in a rut because of your clothing choices, maybe it is time to shake it up. Understanding how to choose the best outfit for your body can help you to feel sexy, confident and boost your self-esteem. Check out our tips below on how to choose the best outfit for you.

Determine the event

The first step is to determine the event that you are going to. Different events, functions and every day life all call for different types of outfits. Knowing where you will be going, what you will be doing and how long you will need to be in the outfit for is important.  These things will help you to determine the type of clothing you will need to both be stylish and comfortable.

This goes for the clothes, shoes and accessories. The last thing you want is to be styled in heels for a night where you are walking across grass.

 Find out the dress code

If you are going to an event or function, find out what the dress code is. Different events will have different requirements for the type of clothing you should wear. It may be a smart casual dress code, formal or black tie. These different styles mean that you need to find an outfit that fits in and will feature you.

Finding an outfit that you are both comfortable and stylish in will make the event worth wild.

Know your body type

Knowing your body type will come in handy for choosing an outfit for every day use and for functions. Each and every body type is different. What may look amazing on a manikin or on a friend, may not suit you. And that is perfectly fine. It just means that you need to find something that features your body in the way it should be featured.

Once you have determined the body type that you have and what works for it, choosing what to wear will become a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Know your colours

Colours can play a big part in how your outfit comes across. Different colours will give off different vibes.

If you are wanting to look strong and professional, darker colours such as navy and black will do the trick. If you want to look and feel more feminine light and pastel colours will give you the desired look.

Not only is it important to find colours that match your mood but also that will compliment your skin tone and body type.

Different colours can feature a body type in a perfect light, where as other may dim your persona and not give the desired look.

Choose your colours based on your preference, your body type and the vibe that you want to give to those around you.

Own it

And most importantly, you need to own it. Being comfortable and confident in your outfit will help you to feel secure in the fact that you chose the right outfit.

If you are able to walk out in your outfit with your head held high, a smile and a glimmer in your eye – you have found a winning outfit.

Confidence is key and it will help to bring any outfit together.

Choosing the right outfit can take time and practice. There will no doubt be times when your outfit does not go to plan, or you need to change. But that’s okay. Learn from it and bring together a stronger outfit next time.

And if it comes to it and you don’t have the right outfit or accessories at home? Well why not splurge a little? You deserve it!